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A Song Without Words
Size: 36 x 36


Every painting is an emotional expression of what I am feeling, looking at or remembering. It is rarely a realistic rendering of actual places or objects. Although many times my work is a personal record of places, people, events or dreams, it may not bear any resemblance to those people, places or events, but rather express my sense of them.

I often use repeating motifs such as letters, sheet music, lines, scratches, dots and all sorts of marks and symbols, all of which please me for some subconscious reason. Somehow they are meaningful to me, drawn from different stages of my life, and are “collected” and retrieved as years go by to be used in my work. The memory or story is not verbalized or specific ally defined as I invite viewers to create their own stories.=

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All works can be picked up at LKMix after the show closes on May 16. If you need a work to be shipped, please contact the curator, Betty Wilson, at Craft Gallery, (561) 585 7744 to discuss costs and to make arrangements.


"Another Betty Wilson Creation"


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