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My Mother Myself
Oil on canvas
Size: 24 x 20

Bourbon Street
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas
Size: 30 x 40

Jack’s Juice Bar
Oil on Canvas
Size: 20 x 24

Artist’s Statement

The colors and energy of nature, combined with the creative process, are what inspire me. My art is derived from personal experiences, travels, family members and the interesting or beautiful scenes that I observe. Much of my work is a look at the past, re-visiting an old memory or the charm of my childhood.

As a native Floridian, tropical themes, rich hues and a feeling of fluidity mark my artwork. Done mostly in acrylics using a brush and palette knife, the color wheel is my compass. Vibrant shades become nourishment for my paintings, whether it’s a lush green landscape or rich fuchsia hibiscus.

My work has evolved from realistic to abstract, but outdoor scenes have remained constant. Intrigued by life around me, that curiosity comes through my paintbrush. To have others smile and feel the same excitement for color and nature is my goal as an artist.

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All works can be picked up at LKMix after the show closes. If you need a work to be shipped, please contact the curator, Betty Wilson, at Craft Gallery, (561) 585 7744 to discuss costs and to make arrangements.


"Another Betty Wilson Creation"


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