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Size: 20 x 25 Non- Manipulated Digital Image - 2008 Jupiter Beach, FL  Edition: 2 of 100

Enchanted Forest
Non- Manipulated Digital Image - 2007 Highlands, NC
Size: 20 x 25  Edition: 3 of 100
Non-Manipulated, Non-Filtered Digital Images

I am a photographer based in Jupiter Florida. I specialize
in abstract and impressionistic landscapes. Being near the ocean, I shoot horizons, seascapes and waves. I also create what I call “Focus Images” which depicts the essence of a natural object or place. This essence may be a distinguishable element of an object or an overall feeling that one would derive from being subjected to that particular focus.

Overall, my images focus and interpret an identifying element of a natural object or scene. My images are in the form of impressions and abstracts. With my images the viewer has an immediate intrinsic connection. The depiction of these inherent elements provides for and serves as a reminder to us that we are connected to nature through our source and essence.

These photographs have not been manipulated with any type of digital software or by any digital filter system or technique.

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All works can be picked up at LKMix after the show closes. If you need a work to be shipped, please contact the curator, Betty Wilson, at Craft Gallery, (561) 585 7744 to discuss costs and to make arrangements.


"Another Betty Wilson Creation"


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