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Blue Sirens
An idealized group reflecting life's complexities without giving back. Find deeper meaning in the shadows rather than the light. Realize that we are no more here than you and we are the faceless images that threaten your inner fears.
Size: 24" X 36"

Reflected Beauty
I am the one you see in your mind's eye and want to yield to the power. Look again and see I am neither real nor shadow, the reflections tell the truth. We are all transparent looking for the ideal, a mirror tells the truth better than me.
Size: 36 " X 36"

The Elusive Traveler
As I look back I am searching for a kind soul to take me forward. By the side of the road I see life pass and am perplexed with both the reflections and shadows of my inner beauty. Please take me away and bring clarity to my life and let me breathe the
Size: 24" x 20"

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All works can be picked up at LKMix after the show closes. If you need a work to be shipped, please contact the curator, Betty Wilson, at Craft Gallery, (561) 585 7744 to discuss costs and to make arrangements.


"Another Betty Wilson Creation"


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